POLICY:  Level III graduation ceremonies are to be organized with an emphasis on safety, reasonable family and school costs and minimal loss of instructional time. 



  1. A Graduation Committee consisting of teacher, parents and students will be formed each year.  The Level III homeroom teacher will be the chairperson for the Graduation Committee.  This will be determined in June of the previous year.  Various subcommittees will be formed including: a banquets committee, a church ceremony committee, a decorating committee, a paperwork committee, and a memorabilia committee.  Duties of each committee will include the following:

Banquet Committee:


Church Ceremony Committee:


Decorating Committee:


Paperwork Committee:


Memorabilia Committee:

2.  Only students who are in a position to graduate in June of the senior year will be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.

3.  Loss of instructional time is to be kept to a minimum.  The gym will be closed for the purpose of decorating on the Wednesday prior to the grad at 3:00.  There will be no loss of instructional time from public exam courses for graduation preparations without the consent of the teachers of those courses.  Students will have Thursday to decorate unless unforeseen circumstances determine otherwise.  If this is the case, alternate arrangements will be made so that students have the necessary time for decorating.  If teachers allow students to decorate during class time they must also accompany them to the gym and supervise them while they are there.  Students are NOT permitted in the gym without teacher supervision.  NO students other than Level III's are to miss instructional time for decorating.  Any other missed instructional time will be at the discretion of the teachers of particular courses.

4.  The committee chairperson will collect $125.00 from each graduate.  This amount may be increased in consultation with the committee chairperson and the school's administration depending on class enrolment.  Additional fundraising is strongly discouraged.  This fee will include four meal tickets per graduate, meals for special guests (ex: minister, guest speaker), decorations, flowers, banquet materials, invitations, programs, base fee for video, consumables (duct tape, paint, etc.) and clean up costs.  If there is any money remaining at the end of the school year, it will be reimbursed to the parents.  The parents will pay for other expenses such as sweatshirts, photos, videos and meals for invited guests.

5.  Student dress for the graduation ceremonies shall ordinarily be cap and gown for the presentation of Bibles in church and graduation scrolls.

6.  If religious exercises are held, they should be ecumenical in nature.

7.  The cleaning of the gym after the graduation must be carried out during the Saturday and/or Sunday immediately following the grad so that classes can resume in the gym on the first school day after the grad.  The janitorial staff of the school will be given the first opportunity to submit a bid for clean up costs because they are familiar with where items need to be stored.  If they are unable to clean up, any in-school group with a teacher sponsor can submit a bid for clean-up costs and use this as a fundraising activity.  If there is no in-school group interested in cleaning the gym, bids will be accepted from the community.  The awarding of this contact will be based on suitability and not solely on the lowest bid.  Every effort must be made to return all items, including those borrowed from the church or the community hall, to their proper places before Monday.


8.  The Principal and/or Vice Principal will make a special effort to inform graduates and parents of the inherent danger of unofficial graduation parties.  A letter will be sent home to parents in this regard and whenever possible a presentation by the R.C.M.P., public health nurse, or other agency will be scheduled for high school students prior to the graduation.

9.  The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on school property.  The graduation is a school function and students are prohibited from attending this event under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Anyone suspected of doing so will be asked to leave.

10.  A periodic review of this policy will be undertaken by the school's administration and any changes deemed necessary will be made at that time.