History of St. James All Grade School


St. James All Grade school opened its doors in September 1968.  At that time it replaced two small schools located in Bottle Cove and Lark Harbour.  By 1970, all students from a small school in York Harbour had transferred to St. James All Grade School as well.

In 1972 six new classrooms, a principal's office and a vice-principal's office were added.  A new library was added in 1976, and , because of the school's central location in the community, the library  serves the public as well as the school.

With the introduction of Grade twelve into the provincial curriculum, a science room and a full size gymnasium were added in 1982.

Since then, the original section of St. James All Grade School has been removed; the other sections were remodeled and  a new state of the art building has been added.