Honouring Our Veterans

The Grade 5-6 Class of St. James All-Grade in Lark Harbour paid tribute to two past soldiers of WWI and WWII as part of the Western Newfoundland Association of Canadian Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping "Memorial Cross Project".

"It has been a tremendous learning experience for all students and staff involved. We were quite honoured to be to asked to participate in the project. As part of the project we had to choose two past Veterans to learn about and collect information on. Our choices were based on ancestral connections so that it would have even more meaning for the students," stated Mrs. Sheppard, Principal.

Days prior to the National Remembrance Day Services, the class had the privilege to visit both gravesites and pay tribute by placing the white metal crosses at their final resting places.

For more information on the Memorial Cross Project contact the Royal Canadian Legion.