Physical Education


Physical Education 3100


Physical Education 3100 and 3101 are activity based courses designed to provide a variety of movement experiences that contribute to motor skill development and focus on active healthy lifestyles.

Specific Curriculum Outcomes and Movement


Physical Education 3100/3101 specific curriculum outcomes address the three dimensions of Movement.

Psychomotor (Moving and Doing)

Cognitive (Understanding and Applying)

Affective (Cooperation and Responsibility)

Students will:

Learn and develop movement skills that permit and motivate students to participate regularly in lifelong physical activity

Increase their involvement in choosing activities in which they participate

Develop their understanding that personal fitness/wellness is within their control

Develop confidence, motivation and responsibility required to lead an active lifestyle

Participate in a variety of outdoor activities and experiences

Participate in a series of leadership activities and challenges

Create and participate in a series of games and activities from different cultures

Several key features of Physical Education 3100/3101 that will appeal to students are:

The variety of outdoor/adventure activities that take place in alternative settings

Student support resource for senior high physical education that complements work in the gym/outdoors

Students involvement in setting individuals and group goals, creating and leading games and activities, selection of activities

Increased level of student responsibility throughout the course

Personal fitness planning

The activities are organized into five Movement Themes from which activities are chosen:

1. Fitness Pursuits

2. Individual/Dual

3. Team/Group

4. Innovative

5. Alternative




Teacher: Cecil Warren