Social Studies


Canadian Geography 1202

This course is an introductory study of Canadian geography. 

Topics: land and waterforms, weather and climate, Canadian ecosystems, land resources, ocean resources, secondary processing of primary resources, the tertiary sector, population, built environments, linkages, interdependence.


Teacher: Dion Sheppard


World Geography 3200


This course is designed to accommodate students who require a social studies world studies credit but would find an honours social studies course very challenging. 

Topics: basic concepts of major land and waterforms, weather, climate, ecosystems, resources, population patterns and their impact on settlement, and urbanization.


Teacher: Dion Sheppard


World Geography 3202


This course focuses on four organizational themes including: Physical Earth, Human Response, Built Environment, and Economic Development.  This honours course examines the relationship between humans and the environment and how this relationship finds expression in activities that are spatially organized.


Teacher: Dion Sheppard