Staff 2010-2011

Principal: Penny Sheppard    Vice-Principal: Bonnie Wheeler


Name                            Grade

Shirley Park                    Kindergarten/French 1-6 & Learning Resources 1-6

Jodi Humber-Sheppard            Grade One/Two Homeroom

Trudy Gilbert                   Grade Four Homeroom, Language and Math/Grade Two Language & Math

Heather Oates                   Grade Three Homeroom

Ruth Travers                    Grade Five/Six Homeroom

Jef Douglas                     Intermediate French/ English/ Religion and Art

Dion Sheppard                   Grade Nine & Social Studies

Bruno Laliberte                 Grade 7/8 Homeroom/ Science/ Math

Cecil Warren                    Grade Eleven & Physical Education

Suzanne Gilbert                 Grade Five/ Intermediate Technology & English

Dorothy Perry                   Math

Shelley Swift                   Grade Twelve homeroom, Art and Pervasive Needs

Audrey Atkins                   Guidance

Maria Bartlett                  Special Education/Math and Literacy/Numeracy Support


Student Assistants

Lesley Sheppard

Jamie Park


Support Staff

Laura Ryan                 Secretary

Ralph Park                 Bus Driver/Maintenance

Judy Park                  Bus Driver/Maintenance

Florence Lombard           Bus Driver/Maintenance