Playing against Corner Brook High, we had to work like dogs !



 T here Evan Connolly, Tyler Travers and Andrew Sheppard

  while playing one of the best teams in western Newfoundland

 team members clapping each others hands in support, for the point we

   just scored against them.








Here Are All Our Team Members


                                   Tyler Travers # 32, Position- Setter

                                    Andrew Sheppard #  19, Position- Outside Hitter

                                    Jordan Park # 24, Position- Middle Hitter

                        Malachi Rotchford # 3, Position- Outside Hitter

                        Tyler Sheppard # 16, Position- Outside Hitter

                        Andrew Brake # 1, Position- Middle Hitter                   Trevor Green # 4,         Position- Setter

                         Marcus Sheppard # 14, Position Middle Hitter

                         Evan Connolly # 7, Middle Hitter




                On November the 16th, 2009, the Senior Boy's volleyball team played a tournament at  Corner Brook High     

                 in Corner Brook. Even though we never placed, we tried the best we could. We think we         

                  did pretty good for a single team to go up against some of the best teams in