Sheppard; Captain, # 8                Darrigan; Co. Captain, # 21



                                      Park; Co. Captain, # 27                    Childs; # 22



                              Larkin; # 7                                      Durnford; # 17



                         Strickland; # 12                           Mr. Douglas; Coach.



                       Sheppard; # 2                              Childs; # 20



                       On November the 26th, 2009, the Junior Boys and

                       the Junior Girls volley-ball teams played a game of

                       three sets at 3:00 pm. Unfortunately, the boys did

                       not win any of the three sets in this game but tried

                       very hard and showed great effort. Since then, the

                       boys have been practicing twice a week in

                       preparation for their next game against the Junior

                       girls. This game occurred on December 14th,

                       2009. The boys won two out of three sets in this