Study Tips


- The first study tip I can give you is to go to a quiet clean environment with no distractions. Libraries are the perfect place to study.

- Make sure you have brought the proper material home to study. Studying the wrong material can be extremely harmful to your grade.

-  If you want, listen to soothing, or invigorating music to keep your brain flowing, calm, and alert.

- When having a test or quiz on your notes (which happens quite frequently), take your notebook to your computer,  and type all of your notes pertaining to that chapter in that particular section of your notebook. By typing the notes you need to know for your test, a lot of the information is transferred from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

- Read over your notes a couple of times. If that doesn't help summarize it in your own words.

- People have discovered that studying when in a relaxed comfortable position can really help how much the studied material sinks in.

- If you don't like trying to study a large amount of material a couple nights before a test, everyday after school take 20 minutes, and look over your work from that class. By the time your test comes you might actually understand the material instead of struggling to memorize it.

-  Avoid TV's, phones, and video games. These are addictive, and common distractions everywhere you go.

- Remember no two people study the same way, and there are hundreds of ways to study. If you have your own way, you can even mix a couple ideas together, and ace your next test.

      Study tips by Kody Murrin