Technology Education


Design Technology 1109

This course deals with the basic design process common to the various technologies and to other technology education courses being developed. The purpose of the course is to provide an introduction to the technical design process and to technology education. Students learn about modern technology and the creative design process through application of information, knowledge, and method in a practical setting. Outcomes include personal development, career orientation, and the importance of technology to society.

Topics: drawing interpretation, freehand sketching, the design process, design methods and production using computer hardware and software, and career information.


Teacher: Helen Himsl


Design Technology 2109


Success in Design Technology 2109 is dependent upon knowledge and skills obtained in Design Technology 1109. This course provides for application of design knowledge acquired by the student in Design Technology 1109 to the technical design process as used in small residential design construction methods.  Students develop the ability to solve residential construction and design problems, to illustrate and communicate design solutions to others, and to create detailed building plans and diagrams.  Concepts of modern technology with their associated benefits and disadvantages are cultivated, thereby contributing to personal growth, career exploration, and lifelong learning. This is a practical course involving the latest tools and processes which will offer a challenge to all students.

Topics: evolution of residential design, the design process, computers in design, building plans and diagrams, interior layout, building codes, technical illustration, residences of the future, and career information.


Teacher: Helen Himsl